Permanently Seal and Preserve
Your Most Treasured Items!

Do you want to display your Diplomas, Certificates, Photos, Newspaper Articles, Financial Documents, Financial Deals or Personal Artifacts in a permanent and attractive format?

Docu-Seal will take your most prized item and permanently mount on a laminated wood board, or, encase in solid acrylic. Our processes involve heat and high pressure to seal the document or item without damage. Once sealed, these items will never discolor or deteriorate.

For over 50 years, we have captured your prized documents in a sealed process that keeps out air and moisture thereby preserving your special memory or achievement

Laminated Plaques

Proudly Display Your Important Paper Documents

Lucite Embedments

Suspend Your Item or Document
in Solid Clear Acrylic

See examples of how to preserve your treasures with Embedments

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Lucite Embedments

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